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Biopol collection

By Hilaire Beerens

The Smit & Zoon company developed new range of Biopol products. These are based on the concept of the circular economy. Circular economy focuses on the utilization of renewable sources, waste streams reutilization or smart utilization of low(no)-value biomass side-streams minimizing product environmental footprint.

Leather industry has a high usage of water and chemicals and the chemicals used are often petrochemical based. The leather industry is therefore under pressure to innovate with more sustainable products and production. The new generation bio-based polymers offer sustainability and innovation that is expected by brands.

The 5 new products:

  1. BioSyn AP 72L Biobased acrylate polymer animal protein
  2. BioSyn SC 75L Biobased acrylate polymer molasses beet
  3. BioSyn CM 73L Biobased acrylate molasses cane
  4. BioSyn SP 75L Biobased acrylate polymer soy bean cake
  5. BioSoft OS 761 Biobased oleate sulphosuccinate

have equal performance then petrochemical based products used in our small collection that we create.

Leather articles such as:

  • Furniture upholstery
  • Shoe upper
  • Leather goods
  • Automotive upholstery
  • Shoe upper waterproof
  • Split-suede

Articles are comparable to our standard application processes.

BioSyn AP 72L Gives a pronounce grain tightness with roundness and fullness leather.

BioSyn SC 75L Very good uniform filling effect, specially in the looser structured areas.

BioSyn CM 73L Gives homogenous fullness with uniform milling properties and support grain tightness.

BioSyn SP 75L Excellent softness with a round full handle.

BioSoft OS 761 Very soft type of articles with excellent lubrication.

Smit & Zoon company continue to innovate on sustainable chemicals and more sustainable leather. The new biopolymers based on the Biopol technology are a major step towards a future of more environmental or eco-friendly leather.

Biopol collection

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