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A new water-resistant fatliquor

Aguastop PS 210: water-resistant fatliquor

We proudly announce the launch of our new waterproofing Fatliquor: Aguastop PS 210. This waterproofing fatliquor is an extension of Smit & Zoon’s water resistance performance product portfolio.


Thanks to its chemistry, Aguastop PS 210 allows to make a reliable, modern, simplified process with a reduced water consumption process and achieve high water-resistant levels special for Outdoor Leather.

The new waterproof fatliquor comes following continued demand by consumers for outdoor equipment for which leather is a major material for outdoor shoes.

Towards a simplified process with reduced water consumption

Aguastop PS 210 joins Smit & Zoon’s product portfolio of water resistance generating leather performance chemicals complementing its ability to allow leather makers in both the retanning/Wet End as well as Finishing stages combined with our market expertise and expert services.

Our water resistance portfolio allows leather makers to achieve reliable and high-performing water-resistant leathers while providing the right look and feel which is expected of the leather.

For more details, it is possible to download our water-resistance portfolio.

Download our Water-Resistance Portfolio