Zeology tanning for yak hides, raised by local farmers

Nera Tanning, part of Royal Smit & Zoon, together with the Chrome Free Alliance and The Third Pole of the Earth Leather Industrial, are participating in a socially and environmentally responsible initiative in the autonomous region of Tibet. Local farmers and families are supported in breeding yaks, taught how to tan the hides with Zeology in a brand new Lhasa tannery, and thus make better use of all of the assets of their livestock.

All of the yak’s assets

Tibetan communities have always been herding yaks, letting them graze freely. Yaks provide the Tibetans with many valuable nutrients for the community’s consumption (meat and dairy), as well as providing commercial possibilities. In order to extend the latter, Zeology tanning is helping the locals get more out of yak hides, which would otherwise largely be discarded. Using the responsible tanning concept, they can get even more use out of the yak after slaughter. In addition to using the fur (for expensive wool) and collagen, all of the hide can now be commercialized as well.

Locally-sourced yak leather for the Chinese market

Royal Smit & Zoon is proud to be a part of this initiative, as it reaps so many benefits. Both for the local communities, as well as the environment. Sustaining yak herding, and making it more commercially attractive, ensures continuation of an important ecosystem. As Zeology tanning helps Tibetan farmers stay on the land, it helps maintain a traditional, carbon-absorbing way of life, as well as providing the Chinese market with responsibly produced leather, sourced locally.

All in all, this initiative makes a difference on multiple levels, helping us create a more socially and environmentally sustainable leather value chain together.

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