RIUC©: material of the future, born from the circular economy

What if we finally had a material for the future, sustainable by nature, resulting from the recycling of organic fibers and whose resistance has no equivalent among natural materials? Sustainability, responsibility, innovation, adaptability – so many properties that are perhaps difficult to imagine in a single unique material. And yet, we know this material very well.

The French National Leather Council released a digital campaign last year in which it unveils RIUC©, material of the future. Ruic, an anagram of cuir, the French word for leather, aims to promote the natural assets of leather, while demystifying preconceived ideas.

The superiority of leather

A comparative study carried out by the German FILK Freiberg Institute on the physical properties of ten materials, namely leather and nine so-called alternatives, established the indisputable superiority of leather. This is because none of the alternative materials has the same qualities as leather in terms of use, longevity, permeability, water absorption and tensile strength, resistance to creasing and tearing. In addition, the study showed that most of the new materials are made from a substantial volume of synthetic oil-based materials.

RUIC - material of the future
Image credits to RUIC - http://www.riuc.fr

“This material draws on 8 000 years of research and development and its ambition is to become the alternative to alternatives.”

Leather, an alternative to alternatives

One of the biggest challenges the leather industry is currently facing, is to ensure that consumers and designers base their choice for a material on facts and understanding. However, for years the industry has collectively forgotten about the importance of education and promotion. It is only this year that several initiatives have been starting to educate consumers, brands, designers and others about leather by simply answering questions. Where does leather come from? How is it made? When can leather be called leather? Why is leather a sustainable material?

The campaign of the French National Leather Council is a creative way to ask attention for the beauty of leather and its circular qualities.

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RUIC - material of the future



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