Prince Charles advocates leather at G20 in Rome

Prince Charles met with CEOs of the world’s biggest fashion brands to see their work making the industry more sustainable at the G20 in Rome. He received a demonstration about a new digital ID that shows, among others,  the origin of the materials.

Upon hearing that the Mulberry bag on show, was sourced from regenerative farming methods and is low carbon, the Prince remarked that he wished “people knew the value” of ethically-produced leather in the “circular economy” over plastic or “strange spun” synthetic material.

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Leather shoes

The Prince has spoken more often about the urgent need to get away from the ‘throwaway society’ and to move towards a more ‘circular economy’.’ In an interview with Vogue in 2020 he talks about sustainable fashion and his preference for mending and repairing his bespoke leather shoes and jacket.  In 2018 he revealed he owns a 47-year-old pair of shoes that he still wears. How about that for durability and sustainability!

‘Vegan materials’

There is a lot of confusion about the sustainability of materials, and we live in a time where brands and consumers are being persuaded to use ‘vegan materials’, or more specifically ‘use recycled plastics’ as base materials for a consumer item. We are therefor very happy to have an important advocate for sustainable fashion like Prince Charles supporting leather and its beautiful sustainable qualities.

Because, brands, designers, influencers, NGOs, governments, companies and consumers have a huge responsibility towards this century’s most important challenge, ‘creating a circular society’. But do we realize what is needed to create such a circular society?

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