Sunny Jiang Wenfang

Get to know your colleagues a little bit better. Our “3 questions for…” travels around the globe from one colleague to another. Every colleague will answer the same questions.

3 questions for…
Sunny Jiang Wenfang

Tell us about your work environment. What does it look like? And what are your responsibilities at Royal Smit & Zoon?

My name is Sunny Jiang. I am in Nanjing, China. It’s a beautiful city. It has a profound history and culture. I have worked for Smit Nanjing for 12 years. In the first two years, I worked as an Import & Export specialist. My main task was to prepare Import & Export documents for Custom declaration, ensured the goods import from or export to aboard smoothly. Later, I work as a Sales Administration Officer, I also take care of the sales administration work. I intake and process sales orders, prepare/collect all the shipping documents to customers timely, assist and support Sales Manager to expand sales/promote products, assist Sales Manager to resolve customer complaints timely to achieve high customer satisfaction.

Royal Smit & Zoon is driven by a purpose. To make the leather value chain environmentally & socially sustainable. What is your purpose? What gives you energy in your job?

Making the leather value chain more sustainable is a precondition for retaining a competitive edge both now and in the future. I’m proud to be a part of Royal Smit & Zoon and to work with all my colleagues towards our mission to create an environmentally & socially sustainable leather value chain. I will constantly assist our Sales Manager to introduce our environmental& sustainable products to our customers.

Sunny Jiang Wenfang
Sales Administration Officer

At Royal Smit & Zoon, we love leather. What is your favorite leather item?

I love leather. I love that leather is natural and environmental. My favorite item is a handbag. It’s a gift from my husband.

Who are you going to pass the baton to?

To my colleague Pim Wilgenburg.

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