Florian Trandafir

Get to know your colleagues a little bit better. Our “3 questions for…” travels around the globe from one colleague to another. Every colleague will answer the same questions.

3 questions for…
Florian Trandafir

Tell us about your work environment. What does it look like? And what are your responsibilities at Royal Smit & Zoon?

I am one of the company’s leather technicians and I am in charge with the technical assistance in some countries where our company is running business: EMEA (Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Iran, Greece, Spain, France) and APAC (China-small skins producers). The work environment is much different from country to country and this is one of the most challenging part of my job: to adapt the recipes and to choose our most proper products to the local conditions (raw material, water quality, weather, etc).

Royal Smit & Zoon is driven by a purpose. To make the leather value chain environmentally & socially sustainable. What is your purpose? What gives you energy in your job?

The best reward for me is to see the client’s smile while looking at the result of my trials. I think my main mission is to solve the client’s technical problems by using our best technical products/solutions. I also have to give correct technical explanations regarding our newest products, knowing that if the client understand how to use correctly our products, the results in practice will be good and our products accepted.

Florian Trandafir and his family

At Royal Smit & Zoon, we love leather. What is your favorite leather item?

I like leather. I have attached two pictures with leather items, I am not sure which one I like the most…

Who are you going to pass the baton to?

To my colleague Dirk Hofmann

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