Daniëlle Okkinga-Koenen

Get to know your colleagues a little bit better. Our “3 questions for…” will travel around the globe from one colleague to another. Every colleague will answer the same questions. Are you ready? We  will start with our Global Director Marketing & Communication, Daniëlle Okkinga-Koenen.

3 questions for…
Daniëlle Okkinga-Koenen

Tell us about your work environment. What does it look like? And what are your responsibilities at Royal Smit & Zoon?

When I am sitting behind my office desk, I am in Weesp. But I also like to work from home occasionally, my home is in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. As Global Director of Marketing & Communication I am responsible for shaping the image and messaging of Royal Smit & Zoon and its subsidiaries on a global scale. Me and my team develop and execute effective marketing strategies, we manage the company’s overall communication efforts, and ensure that the brand is consistently represented in a positive and impactful manner. We are creating a positive perception of the brand, promoting its products and services, and connecting with target audiences. By effectively communicating the brand’s message and values, we help build trust and credibility with customers and drive business growth.

Daniëlle Okkinga-Koenen,
Global Director Marketing & Communication

Royal Smit & Zoon is driven by a purpose. To make the leather value chain environmentally & socially sustainable. What is your purpose? What gives you energy in your job?

I am driven to make a positive change and to contribute to a better future. In my personal life and in my career. I think it is a responsibility we all have as individuals. In my role at Royal Smit & Zoon I am grateful and motivated to make that positive change in the leather industry by educating brands and tanneries on sustainability. To be able to reach and connect with a brand or a tannery and bring across our message, for example about Zeology or other sustainable innovations and seeing them embracing it, really gives me energy. My motto: ‘keep spreading the message and leading by example!’

At Royal Smit & Zoon, we love leather. What is your favorite leather item?

My favorite item is a beautiful green leather vintage bag from YSL. I bought this bag many years ago in a vintage store in Amsterdam. We all know that leather has the potential to last for many years and its beauty only improves with age. One day this bag will be passed on to my daughter and by doing so, I am not only giving her a beautiful accessory, but also a piece of history and tradition that she can cherish for years to come. But for now, she still must wait😉

Daniëlle… who are you going to pass the baton to?

I will pass the baton to Felipe Lenharo in Brasil.

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