Bhaskaran V

Get to know your colleagues a little bit better. Our “3 questions for…” travels around the globe from one colleague to another. Every colleague will answer the same questions.

3 questions for…
Bhaskaran V.

Tell us about your work environment. What does it look like? And what are your responsibilities at Royal Smit & Zoon?

I am the Operations Manager of Leather chemicals formulation plant located in Ranipet, India.  The plant, warehouse and leather service center are located in the same premise.

My responsibilities are:

  • Managing the total operations
  • HSEQ Management
  • Purchasing activity
  • Inventory Management
  • R&D activities

Royal Smit & Zoon is driven by a purpose. To make the leather value chain environmentally & socially sustainable. What is your purpose? What gives you energy in your job?

My purpose is to make environmentally and socially sustainable products.  Also to use the natural resources optimal for the manufacturing requirement. I get energy when I deliver creative ideas, timely decision to my team and when myself and my team achieves the target.

Operations Manager 

At Royal Smit & Zoon, we love leather. What is your favorite leather item?

My favorite leather item is car upholstery & shoes.

Who are you going to pass the baton to?

My colleague Jason Tijmensen.

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