Chrome Free Waterproof Leather with Zeology

Hydrophobic performance leather on Bally Penetrometer

It’s here. Chrome free waterproof leather with Zeology.

For years, the leather industry has been looking for a sustainable alternative to chrome tanned waterproof leather. We are now ready to offer exactly that: waterproof leather free of chrome, heavy metals and aldehyde with our tanning agent Zeology as the hero solution.

A big bang for waterproof leather

Zeology started as a gamechanger in the tanning industry and is now revolutionizing waterproof leather. Never was it possible to produce chrome free waterproof leather. Until now. Zeology in combination with fatliquor Synthol DS 600 enables you to develop chrome free waterproof leather.  

Zeology is our zeolite-based tanning agent that is chrome free, heavy metal free and aldehyde free. Zeo White, the Zeology tanned intermediate, is proven free of hazardous chemicals and a certified circular material. 

Zeology X Synthol DS 600

In order to make Zeology tanned leather waterproof, only one wet end solution is needed: Synthol DS 600. Synthol DS 600 is our fatliquor that meets the highest standards in waterproofing and it works perfectly on Zeo White. Applying Synthol DS 600 to Zeo White results in a waterproof crust.  

It is possible to modify the leather’s handle and boost performance by applying our wet end solutions Aguastop PS 210 and Synthol EW 321 in the next step. By using Aguastop W 200 PFAS free coating an additional water repellency level can be achieved during the finishing.  

Testing results
Zeo White, the Zeology tanned intermediate, is an imminently suitable raw material for the production of hydrophobic leather tested against the Bally Penetrometer (EN ISO 5403, IUP/10). Good results on Maeser (EN ISO 5403-2) are achieved as well but require more R&D work to increase performance and consistency. We will communicate on this when available. 

Technical paper or sample request

For more information and the step-by-step process on how to manufacture waterproof leather with Zeology we have written a technical paper that is available to download. It is also possible to request a sample of chrome free waterproof leather.

For more information about making waterproof leather with Zeology contact our specialists.

Sven Louis Leather Technician wet end
Robert Doidge Accountmanager tanning & Zeologist