Are you ready for responsibly tanned leather? The consumer is!

Are you ready for responsibly tanned leather? The consumer is!

These days, in the leather industry it’s all about sustainability. You cannot ignore the fact that 80% of millennial consumers across the globe find it important for the leather industry to reduce environmental impact. Moreover, by 2021, consumers aged 25-35 are projected to spend $150 billion on sustainable goods… Don’t miss out on this huge opportunity, and choose responsibly created leather. It looks great, it feels great, it offers ample design opportunities and great durability. Why wait? Start with responsible leather.


About ZDHC

A great step forward for responsible leather ZDHC certification

Zero Discharge of Hazardous Chemicals (ZDHC in short) is a global cooperative of brands, chemical suppliers, manufacturers and other organisations that believes in a world where things can be made without using hazardous chemicals. It’s main aim is to preserve the planet.

One of the initiatives is ZDHC certification, which companies can apply for. After a strict audit by an independent party, Smit & Zoon has been granted the highest level of ZDHC certification. This means that all of the products that we are supplying to the leather industry, have been manufactured restricting the use of hazardous chemicals, thus protecting our employees from harm, as well as the environment. We are proud to contribute to responsible leather in this way.

Leather is better! Making the most of a by-product of the meat industry, that would otherwise become waste, is the sustainable choice. Especially when produced while taking people and planet into consideration, as ZDHC certification ensures, it is the sustainable choice.

Would it not be great to know that your leather was tanned responsibly? Work with ZDHC-certified suppliers!

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