Free Formaldehyde
Smit & zoon's share of a synopsis on the topic ‘Free formaldehyde’. Learning about the origin of the chemical, producing formaldehyde free leathers, releasable formaldehyde, testing leather chemicals (ISO 27587) and leather (ISO 17226-1 or VDA 275) on free formaldehyde, etc...
Chrome VI
’Chrome Six’ is a presence in leather and an undesirable effect related to the use of chrome-tanning agents. Since tanning with chrome salts constitutes roughly 80% of the processing technology worldwide, the debate about the risk for its presence is too important to be based on hearsay alone and should, therefore, be based on facts.
Fatty spew
On processed leathers it is sometimes observed that, over time, an undesired, white, milky film appears on top of the leather. This white layer often gives rise to debates on its origin and causes and, in some cases, leads to a claim for damages. This phenomenon is called ‘fatty spew’. The possible sources of fatty spew may be of diverse nature, they are similar in one respect. They always originate from high melting point substances.
Light & Heat
In this edition Smit & Zoon shares a synopsis on the topic ‘Light fastness & Heat resistance’. Learn about the yellowing of leather by the influence of warmth and/or light and time. How do you minimize the risk and how are the assessments done?

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