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Education and promotion of leather

Education and promotion of leather

By Egbert Dikkers

Leather Naturally is the global leather industry’s initiative to educate and promote leather to designers, brands and consumers. Leather Naturally as an association has doubled membership since last year and is eagerly welcoming new companies in the leather industry as a member. Please get in touch with them to hear how you can become part of this mission for the future of leather.

In July, Metcha was launched after a successful crowdfunding within the industry. The digital platform is showing leather as a cool and inspirational article to young generations. In October, their leather related contents were seen more than 23 (!) million times on Facebook and Instagram. An increase of 35% compared to September. You are kindly invited to promote this platform with your networks and consider a financial donation to ensure young generations will continue to be inspired by leather. Metcha is communicating via different platforms: Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Spotify, Pinterest, Youtube, Tumblr and Vimeo.

For more information on Leather Naturally or Metcha, please get in touch with egbert.dikkers@smitzoon.com.

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