In 2013, Smit & zoon Wet-end introduced the Simplicity concept. Simplicity means: shorter tannery processes providing attractive, high-quality leather while saving water and energy. Although each tannery uses different processes, the Simplicity approach can be used in any tannery and tailored to its operating methods.

A number of tanneries now uses this concept to shorten their processes, with the emphasis on saving water. Over the next few years we will continue to work with customers on optimizing their processes and saving water and energy based on the Simplicity concept. Simplicity is a driver for product innovation in our company, which also contributes to these developments.

“Leather technicians are confronted on a daily base with the problems of how to make the required leather article from low quality raw material.
Sometimes it’s very difficult to apply our simplicity concept in order to get high quality results with the lowest quantity of products.

Customers always appreciate using minimal to no change of floats (water). For example, when washing wet-blue shoe upper leather, the same water is used for both rechroming and neutralization as well as for retanning and fatliquoring. This system is a success in many tanneries.

More importantly is the right choice of chemicals to minimize the amount of used products or shorten the process. A nice example of this is the Syntan ZLR 100 process. When the cationic charge is increased, it results in a darker color of leather.
Another advantage for using Syntan ZLR 100 is a very short napp on the velour and nubuck article. This product already proved to be quite successful. ”

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