Online marketeer

Online Marketeer

As Online Marketeer you increase brand awareness and web traffic through the marketing of content offline but especially online. You are responsible for creating "shareable" content, distributing content on the appropriate platforms and measuring the results of marketing activity.

We want to distribute entertaining and/or educational material that caters to the interests and challenges of our target audience. The content can take many forms, including text, blog posts, videos, photos, and info graphics and we use content marketing as part of our strategy.

For whom?
Smit & Zoon is a 7th generation family-owned business. The company, founded in 1821, has grown into a worldwide renowned player for solutions in the leather industry. Our customers are active in industries such as Automotive, high-end Fashion and Upholstery, where sustainability is of the utmost importance. Globally, Smit & Zoon has over 400 employees. Its headquarters are situated in Weesp, the Netherlands. Smit & Zoon also has offices in Amersfoort, Germany, Italy, China, India, and Mexico.

Why should you be interested in working for Smit & Zoon?
At Smit & Zoon, we believe that building a successful company in the leather industry is, more than ever, closely connected to our social responsibility and our drive for sustainability. Our footprint in society, our health and safety performance, the opportunities we want to offer to our people, these are the defining elements within our overall behavior in these areas. Only by acting as a responsible company ourselves, we can help the whole leather industry to become sustainable. The catalyzing role of Smit & Zoon has already shown to be essential in moving towards a circular economy for our whole industry, so there is every reason to keep moving in that direction. If you want to be part of a sustainable solution, please join.

Your profile
You like to formulate a strategy, a plan-of-action and be involved in writing or editing and uploading copy, data and imagery, and promoting it via all the imaginary channels? As Content Marketing Manager you are not only responsible for the strategy but also for the contribution of information to any media, and most especially, digital media.

You are
Versatility, adaptability and strategic. Consciously working on how you can contribute to a sustainable world. Enthusiastic and driven. Independently, and you like to take leadership and responsibility for your projects and are known for being result-oriented and having a hands-on mentality

- HBO or University level of work and thinking.
- Expertise on social media analytics
- Understanding of the nuances, advantages and shortcomings of each communication platform
- Knowledge and know-how to utilize data in formulating a campaign strategy
- Analytical abilities, required to research and choose a marketing strategy suited to a specific brief
- Speaking and writing in English is a must
- Capability of writing text is a nice addition

For more information on the job offer or our company, please contact our corporate recruiter Robin van Rijssel | 06-28 36 48 08 |

Unsolicited introductions of candidates via recruitment agencies or third parties are not appreciated. Submitted CVs and candidates' applications are therefore considered as direct applications.


Full-time employment


Weesp, the Netherlands


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