Our CSR Approach

Our Ambition:

Smit & zoon will play a visible role as a catalyst in making the leather value chain largely sustainable by 2025.
Corporate social responsibility is an important driver within Smit & zoon. As 75% of our business is in the leather industry our CSR activities focus on this industry.

Our Philosophy

We think about the next generation
As a 7th generation family business we naturally think about the next generation. That is why we offer our customers sustainable solutions that meet the latest quality and safety standards. In our own research and application labs our highly qualified chemists and leather technicians continuously search for quality improvements and environmentally friendly innovations that support the sustainability of our customer’s business. We believe that their future is our future.
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CSR Board

We believe our role should be that of a catalyzer
To ensure CSR is an integral part of our day-to-day work and operations, our CSR Board was established. Members of our CSR Board include our company’s owner, CEO, Director of Operations and the General Managers of all three divisions. This demonstrates again how important we consider CSR to be.
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Safety & Health

Being a chemical company, safety and health are very important topics to us
Each of our plants has dedicated SHE Officers. They ensure the safety and health policies and procedures are clearly understood by all employees, ensuring they undertake their responsibilities with regard to safety and health, and work carefully without any risk to themselves and others.
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We are convinced that we can have most impact on the footprint in the leather value chain by a focusing on Water and Waste.
Although a substantial part of the water consumption in leather production is in the beamhouse process, using simplicity in the wet-end process can mean an important water reduction.
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