Safe use of chemicals

Workshops for our agents
Each year a team with representatives from Smit & zoon Wet-end and Smit & zoon Finishing organizes workshops for our agents in countries like Turkey, India and Bangladesh to create greater awareness of the safe use of chemicals. 

During these workshops we give presentations on how to safely use leather chemicals, and provide our agents with safety kits containing hearing protection, safety glasses and safety gloves as well as brief information about how and when to use the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE).


To me, safety starts with ensuring that all people in the supply chain have the necessary information to work safely with chemicals. We intensively test our own products, so we know that the statements we make are consistent and true. Nevertheless, we work with chemicals and sometimes need to protect ourselves by using the right PPE. Our team members are obliged to use PPE in the tannery and to promote this amongst our agents and customers as well.

Jan Koopmans,
Sales Manager Wet-end


Unfortunately, in Bangladesh, safe use of chemicals does not yet get the attention it should receive. Because many of the tannery workers using the chemicals are illiterate, informing them about product safety can be complicated. Smit & zoon’s Safe Use of Chemicals seminar in August 2015, where 270 PPE packs were handed out, was a good first step in raising awareness on this topic. I hope Smit & zoon will continue its efforts with regard to safe use of chemicals and hope other producers of chemicals will follow their example. Minikin Ltd. is a leading seller of chemicals in Bangladesh. As such, we can – and will – play a vital role in supporting Smit & zoon in their efforts to encourage tanneries to work safely.

Tariqul Islam Khan,
Chairman at Minikin Ltd.
Smit & zoon agent, Bangladesh



Safe use of chemicals

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