About Smit & zoon

Smit & zoon develops and produces leather chemicals used in the manufacturing of leather for well-known brands of shoes, cars, furniture, clothes, and bags.

Smit & zoon is a leading global supplier of wet-end and finishing leather chemicals for tanneries. Our products include wet-end auxiliaries, fatliquors, syntans, dyes, and finishing chemicals. With our focus on innovation, sustainability, and a long-term focus, we support our customers in meeting their current and future needs.

Family business founded in 1821

Quality, sustainability, and innovation are of key importance in this international family business founded in 1821. Headquartered in Weesp (The Netherlands), Smit & zoon also has locations in Amersfoort (The Netherlands), Germany, Italy, India, and China. In total, Smit & zoon now has nearly 400 employees; each of them a professional with the passion to deliver sustainable top performances to our customers every single day.

A sustainable leather value chain

As a 7th generation family owned business we have a long term focus and sustainability is naturally top of mind for us. Our CSR ambition is to play a catalyzing role in making the leather value chain sustainable. By collaborating with other players in our industry and by focusing on innovation, we are working towards that goal. Smit & zoon products comply with all international standards and regulations and we have various certifications confirming that.

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About Smit & zoon

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Smit & zoon
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